Wishful Thinking: Vince Camuto Toleos

I`ve been in love the YSL Tribute sandals that look exactly like these, so... shame on you VC, lol. These retailed for originally $129, but now they`re marked down to $98 on random shoe websites out there. That`s amazing, compared to the YSLs, which are several hundred dollars.

Toleos Shown Here: Lake Blue Patent & Mojito

Why I love the design of these shoes:

The straps form somewhat of a medallion shape at the toe area. It makes me think it is like a Grecian goddess sandal on heels.
The ankle straps twist around each other from the shoe going upwards. I love that, makes the shoe look much more detailed, more elegant and delicate. Also kind of looks like a twist hairstyle.
A mild platform, not too high and obnoxious. I need somewhat of a platform to absorb the shock of my foot hitting the ground at an angle. When wearing heels, you are concentrating one particular part of your foot on walking.
A substantial heel height. Not so high that it looks like a stripper heel, but a good, high, sexy heel.

Oh my gosh, I`m so tempted to get these, but I know that I probably won`t get much use out of them. They`re not really work appropriate, since they`re so dressy. I don`t really go out much. So I definitely don`t want to spend more than $100 on a pair of shoes that sit in my closet.
I did seriously contemplate purchasing these during the Vince Camuto Friends & Family sale online. These shoes are no longer on the Vince Camuto website, so maybe they`re a seasonal item about to be discontinued?

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