Wishful Thinking: Michael Kors Gold Layton Watch

Michael Kors Gold Layton Watch

Michael Kors has been hugely popular lately; the shoes, bags, especially the watches. I think everybody was either receiving or gifting an MK watch last holiday season. Since graduation season is upon us, I predict a lot of upcoming and/or recent grads will receive or have received an MK watch.

Now I myself really appreciate the look of this watch, not necessarily because of the brand, but at least it`s a well-known brand beloved and trusted by most people.
What I like about this watch is really about the design. I`m not big on watches and even I can appreciate that it has:

the triple chronograph with date window. That`d be useful for me, since I never know what date it is. (I know I can just look at my cell phone haha.)

Roman numerals on the face of the watch - very nice touch
I like this shade of pale gold. I like gold overall, but this shade is nice and understated, so it seems like I can use it for most occasions. A very loud and bright gold screams: special occasion only.

(Side Note: It seems only natural that I love gold, because I love blue. Blue and gold go great together, because they are pretty much opposite colors.)

Bezel (which is the circular thing around the face of the watch, I believe) has traditional numbers engraved into it. Details make
a big difference when it`s done right... subtle.
It also looks like you can twist the bezel, which is not important, but I like to play with twisty things.
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