Wishful Thinking: Betsey Johnson Hawaiian Luau Blue Flower Clip Earrings

Betsey Johnson Hawaiian Luau Blue Flower Clip Earrings

Whew that`s a long title for a pair of earrings.

I`ve heard some people complain that they ordered these online and were surprised & disappointed to find that these are clip-ons. For me, that`s a plus. Since I`m going on vacation in less than a week, I thought these would be perfect for Hawaii. It`s too late to order them and have them shipped to me before I go on the plane, but it`s not too late for me to ship them to my hotel...Is that crazy?

Other than the fact that they are clip-ons, I love the way they look. I`m not so crazy about the bedazzlement, but I love that they`re blue and that it`s a yellow center with white petals and an ocean blue petal tips. If I don`t feel like wearing them as earrings, I might be able to pin them in my hair otherwise?

I don`t know. I really want them. I might just order them right now...

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