Winter Cream for the People Allergic to Cold

2 years ago


The first sight of the late autumn chill caught me completely unprepared today. As the winter time comes closer and closer I think it`s really important for all of those that are very sensitive for cold or even have an allergy for it (just like me) to make sure your skin care routine is appropriate under the weather conditions. In most cases it would mean simply getting a good nutrient moisturizer which has that essential thickness for our dry skin during winter time. But for the past few years I prefer using a special panthenol winter cream that I got from the pharmacy. It should be even more protective towards your face skin which is exposed to low temperature weather conditions all the time. At least for me it helps out a lot. Another precaution I take to make sure that a certain parts of my face would not become red and swollen because of cold is a thin coat of foundation. I would always use some makeup whenever I go out, but foundation never seemed like a must have on everyday bases. However, during winter time that extra coat could really help to protect my skin from a harmful conditions outside.

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