Winter colored blue nails

4 years ago

heyyyyy there;]ok girls today ima tell u what colors and how to do this nail job

1.well first is first the nails must be trimmed,use a nail file to straighten them,then clean ur nails with nail polish remover or water this part is optional but the nails will last longer and look better if u do this step lmao the apply a first base coat to your nails

2.ok now its time for the real job carefully apply the light baby blue revlon color to your pinky then is the next finger which is a winter blue revlon apply that next is ocean blue by the company quick and easy next is colored blue which is a color u would paint a glass if u decide i forgot what comapny makess this lmao

3.i sepereated the last finger the thumb because this has two steps to it first aplly a baby blue coat then a dark blue coat let dery ofcourse before applying each layer then lightly apply the last layer the baby blue but very light this can be difficult but try it it just gives the nail a ocean with dark winter blue combination and it looks nice lmao if u dont want to do this just do two coats of dark blue easy as that lmao

4.enjoy ur color let dry in air or infront of a fan

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