Winners turning into Holt renfrew?

4 years ago

Just this afternoon, i stepped foot into Vancouver downtown Winners and guess what I saw? O m g, my jaw just dropped and i think i went to shopping heaven. If you haven`t read any of my other posts, this might be a shock to you but I go to winners almost religiously. I go there once or three times a week depending if I have the time. Well today I went and there was TONS and TONS of top designer brands there. Rows and rows of it! It was just like Holt renfrew (Saks fifth avenue canadian version) puked into Winners. Omggggg. For those that don`t live in the states or canada, winners/ marshalls is a store where they sell overstock or whatever at a fraction of the retail price. I always find the best deals there. Its just like a year round sample sale but instead of having only a few of the pieces in a few of the sizes, they usually come in a range of sizes and tons to choose from. Sometimes the stuff is currant products or they are old designs from a year or two ago.

Well I don`t really care if its out to date or not, bot GEEEZ! There was Lavin, Gucci, Prada, Chloe, Emillia Pucci, Love Missiao (I don`t remember how to spell it but its Missoni thats for sure), theory, Balenciaga and tons and tons of other top top top top top designers. My jaw just completely dropped! This is a very very rare sight for Winners to have these. Of chose these are highly secured items with tons of locks on them but at least you can touch them! A lot of the pieces were $300-$1,300+ but it was actually nice to be able to be up close and personal with them since its so threatening to go to high end stores to look and have the sales people all up in your business, you know what I mean?

Most of the pieces I didn`t like, but mostly because I didn`t have the money to spend. I mean come on, $1,300 is a little ridiculous for a poor student like me (for now at least). I really wanted the balenciaga military jacket but GEEZ! $1,300 is a little too many zeros for me. If it was $400 I`d still consider it. There was a chloe top that I really liked too but i can`t justify $300 for a blouse. The print was really cute though.

Not only did they have clothes, they had SHOE! Tons and tons of desginer shoes! $300-$700. Damn XD But i really liked the plain and simple prada shoes. No size though. I also saw a pair of black leather, peep toe botties with a metal hardware lace detailing on them. I didnt` catch the price but there was none in my size anyways :(. Sad face because I`d loveeeeeee to own those! Ugh!!!!

Even though I`d didn`t get any of those pieces, I was so happy for the rest of the day just for winners to be able to carry those products. I`m so happy there is a store called Winners. Do not ever leave the face of the earth winners! Or i will have to make my own clothes (which i actually can LOL, but I`m too lazy).

I actually got a Helmut Lang blazer which was a part of the winners runway collection (which means its a top designer piece) for $150! I found out later in the day that the blazer original price is $715! Geez thats a steal of a deal right there! I will be showing you guys the blazer later on. :)

Have any of you guys spotted these crazy awesome designers in your winners yet?

*All pictures are mine*

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