Winners stila steals!

4 years ago

I went to the Winners in downtown Vancouver before I went to school since I really wanted the Nike top that is like the under amour that keeps you warm. Ive seen it in the Richmond Winners couple of times but I always passed on it but I think Im going to get it this weekend if I have the chance.

Anyways to my disappointment they didnt have it in downtown, so I was just strolling and taking my sweet time until I had to leave. Naturally I gravitated to the makeup section. At first glance, theres nothing interesting, but once I started to dig into the messed up pile, I found a Stila kajal kohl eyeliner in the color pearl (stark white) for only $8.99 (compaired to $24)! In perfect condition! Now this is very rare since a lot of people that shops at Winners would naturally just rip the packaging and test the products out with their dirty dirty hands. Then I just got completely excited! Then I found a few of stila primecolor thingys, which I didnt know what it was but I thought I would give it a shot since well, they were only $8.99 compared to $29.99!!! I wont give a full review on the products so just look out for them on my account when the time comes.
If you are a big fan of Stila, I have seen a lot of products hitting Winners constantly since about last September. Other noteable products I have seen in Winners is the <strong>DKNY be delicious perfumes (regular, golden, pink $34.99), Juicy couture perfumes (original, punk, love, peace and whatever $29.99-$34.99 ish), Hot tools curlers for $29.99 clearance, Too faced products (shadow lockdown, big Christmas palette $39.99 compared to $80, lip bronzer), Korres products (pressed powders $8.99, mascara $8.99, lip balm $6.99ish, anti-aging face primer $9.99) and last but not least.YSL FAUX CILS MASCARA! YES THE REALLY FAMOUS FOR THE DRAMATIC GORGEOUS LASHES AND THE EXPENSIVE PRICE for $29.99ish? Or $34.99somewhere around there. Theres only 3 in downtown Vancouver Winners so if you want it, you better go grab it. The YSL mascaras are in the plastic locked boxes so dont worry about people opening it and damaging it: D. </strong>

I think I should do a Shop with me at Winners so people that live where I live and go get things they would like for the great prices. What do you guys think? Since I go there so often, I think that would be appropriate.

*All pictures are mine; sorry for the photo quality not up to par, my parents took the camera i usually use to vacation :S and i really wanted to upload this today!*

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