Winners shopping trip #2

4 years ago

Just before I had to go to school today, I squeezed in some time to go to Winners since I was itching to go. I always find good stuff there, especially make up. But today, there was some crazy high end brands you would not normally see at winners like Dior and Guerlain.

The first few items I saw were the hair products, and my eyes just went straight to the bed head totally baked! I remembered that this was a product that was featured in one of Gregory gorgeous what not to buy video. I really wanted to try itIunno, I might go back and get it :). It was $12.99 compared to $20. They also had the mega whip texturizing mousse which I might get for my boyfriend. It was $12.99 too but I remembered thinking to myself Thats not a good enough deal HAHA. Im not getting it!
In the downtown Vancouver Winners, there is a new little island counter where they had products sitting there looking pretty. If you take your time, you will find a lot of nice things which I find a few Smashbox stuff and they are UNTOUCHED! Its a miracle! They had three shades of eye shadows ($8.99 each): one slivery taupe color, a warm golden color and a shocking navy blue color which I really liked but I thought to myself, Im never going to use that so I passed. I really wanted to get the Jet set waterproof navy blue gel eyeliner for $12.99, but I had only ten minutes until I had to go to school and the line was at least 30 minutes long so if it is still there when i go back, Ill get it :D. They also had a bronzer powder, which I actually cant find the name of on Sephora so Im guessing it was discontinued. This was only $12.99 which is an amazing price since this powder is at least $40 in Sephora.

On the wall display, there was Dior skin nude foundation which was a complete shock to me and I really wanted to try this foundation but they were all for darker skin colors which sucks :/. Oh well, saved myself $34.99. They also had Guerlain terracotta mineral bronzing powder for $34.99 compared to god knows what price O_O. Ughh this is make up heaven but too bad I have to be more smart about buying make up since I have a huge collection that needs to be used :/. It was more fun when I had a small collection and can buy all the things I want to build my collection. Boo me :(. They also had a ton of Calvin klein make up and a small foundation and powder set for only $19.99! Not bad. I somewhat like their foundation but my skin type doesnt do it justice. Does anyone else know where they sell CK make up? I havent really seen it around other then Winners. Other brands they had were Korres, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth arden, Bourgeuse, bobbi brown and a lot more. This week is a really lux make up week at winners! Whooo! Run to your winners guys! Oh yea! They also had a Urban Decay lash kit for only $16.99. Its so cheap and I would have bought it if the stinking LINE WASNT SO LONG. It was never opened too and it has a small 24/7 eyeliner in zero which is a must!
A few weeks back, I found a Dolce and gabanna purse that was gorrrgeous but the price wasnt so gorgeous. $800 :/ compared to $1,200. Yea even though the discount is really good, but that is too much of my pretty pennys that I dont want to drop. Itss gorgeous and simple too. Its well made (obviously), the hardware is really chic and good quality but one thing they didnt have was the strap. Either someone stole the strap or it was lost. Sucks because that was a deal breaker for me!

What do you guys think about my little trip to Winners? I know I didnt buy anything but at least I got to see it at Winners. I wish I could buy all of the stuff, but its just stuff that I dont really need. Need to be more practical!

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