Winners haul for the winter time

4 years ago

As you all know, winners is my go to shop and i litterally don`t even go to the mall since I go there. I can buy everything there for a cheaper price and for quality products too! You can get the exact same products as retail stores, for cheaper and even get products that have been discontinued :). Winners makes me happy. I also find brands I never heard of but i love the design so Winners is a place where you can get things cheap and learn new brands.

Winter is just around the corner and i wanted another knitted scarf since I only have a gray Calvin Klein knitted scarf which i love but my boyfriend jacked it LOL so i let him keep it. I somehow stumbled upon the infity scarf by Calvin Klein yet again! It was just hanging on a random hanger and it just caught my eye! It was perfect! The knit was interesting, the color was somewhat of an oatmeal mix beige and it was an infinity scarf! I always wrap my scarf like a tube around my neck anyways but i don`t like how it always fell so this was perfect! And for $24.99 (original price $58), it was a pretty good deal considering it was a unique knit, Calvin Klein brand and it was soft! :D. I actually was about to return it when i looked at the tags when i got home and it said "wool". Ever since i was a kid, i really didn`t like wool. I remembered this one time when we were going on vaction somewhere and my mom made me wear this pink wool sweater with a bunny rabbit on it and i was sitting on the plane scratching and complaining and my mom basically told me to shut up about it LOL. After she took the sweater off, my body was burning up and red and ever since then, i stayed away from wool. I forced myself to wear the scarf again and the wool wasn`t so bad :). So I`m happy to say that I can keep this gorgeous scarf that I will wear for the whole winter!

The second item was a skull blouse that I found really cute since the skull eyes are actually hearts! From far far away, you would think that the black and white blouse is polka dot but the skulls give it that hint of edge. Love it! And the price is right too! Only $16.99. I have never heard of the brand, but i`m gald i found an awesome blouse for a reasonable price. There are also subtle details like the buttons are black buttons with gold ring around it and the back is a hi-low type of shirt so it would be great for those that like to wear leggings, it would cover you bum but not your front part LOL.

These two pieces I actually got about last week, but I`ve been procrastinating to upload it :/. I`m gonna be honest LOL. No point in lying but there are moments where I just want to go sleep since I come back from school at 9 at night and chill until 11 at home doing nothing basically.

I would say these two are the most sensible pieces I have gotten so far and I have no regrets :).

*All pictures are mine*

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