Winners haul! Again....?!?!

4 years ago

I swear I`m having a shopping criss after I got that TJX style members card (which is free by the way). If you live in Canada and you get this card, it works for Marshalls (which is in USA, so i`m thinking that you can use this in the states too?), Winners and Homesense. I don`t really know the full benefits about the card but i know that you get an extended return date which is 30 days instead of half of the time. I find this more useful but i almost rarely return anything from Winners. They say that you have early shopping access, tips on fresh arrivals, special offers, and chances to win stuff >_<.

Anyways I was really bored since my boyfriend was hanging out with his family and i couldn`t come because I`m a distraction to my boyfriend LOL. I know i am :`(. Anyways I was in Winners for two hours since I was just chilling and looking around. Thats dangerous for me since I work and i tell myself "Yes you deserve that! Gettt it!". Oh that little devil on my shoulder is costing me a fortunate!

So about a month ago, I came across some really cute stuff from a brand called Max C London which i honestly never heard of but I have seen more and more pieces from this brand. I checked out the brand onlie and most of the stuff really screams retro 50`s era. But the piece I stumbled upon was just soo in this season and the print was soo damn cute! I litterally dropped eveyrthing else I had in my hands and was like "THATS THE ONE THATS COMING HOME WITH ME!" And it was in my size! It was in the clearance section, straying from all the other ones so I guess it was just ...misplaced but in my favors :D. The top is really simple, just a regular neck line. The dress is made of chiffon so it flows really nicely and it got that H-lo cut and the print is to die for! BIRDIESSS WHOOOO~~ Okay, i need to calm down. But i will style this very soon since i want to try it on with accessories and what not so its not so plain.

The next thing I got were shoes! I always always look at shoes in Winner since its such a good deal! The price point is always $25-$70 but if theres designer ones, then its $100 obviously but thats a good deal! I saw a pair of prada shoes on clearance for $150. I was like wow! XD but they were too old women for me so meh. These are called Reba and i have never heard of this brand but I tried this one and it was sooooo comfortable! They had really good padding and I love that they are neutral with a pop of the soft peach. The heel is a little more chunkier so they would be perfect to walk distance. Most of my shoe are super sky high so its a nice mix :). These where only $35 so i thought that it was a pretty good deal.

What do you think of the stuff I got? What are your best finds in Winners or TJ Max, Marshalls and stores along those lines?

*All pictures are mine*

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