Wings-N-Things First Impressions

Have you ever tried Wings-N-Things? I have heard raves and rants about their wings so, my boyfriend and I decided to support our local Wings-N-Things since we do drive by everyday!

First Impressions when walking In?
- Great if you`re a fan of sports, they have televisions everywhere
- Tables/Booths/Bar Area
- Simple & self explanatory menu

What my boyfriend & I Ordered? (Since the day we visited was busy, we ordered our food to go)
- I ordered the Single Meal - 4 pcs of mild tenderloin strips. Tenderloin is the most tender and juicy part of the chicken. The meal includes ranch, 2 oven fresh baked bread sticks, carrots & celery.
- My boyfriend the SIngle Meal - 5 pcs of boneless wings in medium. Also comes with ranch, 2 oven fresh baked bread sticks, carrots & celery.
- We shared a soda.

Our grand total was $18 including tip which wasn`t bad. My boyfriend went home and ate his wings with rice.

My thoughts:

I honestly wasn`t expecting much since I`m not a fan of chicken that has sauce so this was more for my boyfriend. Though the food doesn`t look appealing (from the photos), the food was eatable, just not my top 5 choice probably my least choice but now I could at least say I`ve tried WIngs-N-Things.

Are you a fan? What do you generally eat here?

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