Wine Pore Shrinking Mask by Liyanshijia Thoughts!

Yesterday was the first day that I have ever tried a facial mask and that facial mask was the /viz/first-impressions-freeman-cucumber-facial-peel-mask however today I tried another facial mask and that is a mask that you put on your face (also my first time trying it). Yeah, it may be pretty pointless to mask again since I just did yesterday but today I had a pampering and relaxing day so I decided to wear a mask. This mask specifically aims to minimize pores. This is a wine pore shrinking mask by Liyanshijia. Red wine helps shrink pores, restrain grease and leaves your skin white, fine, firm and smoother supposedly.
What I thought about this mask: The packaging is like any ordinary mask. I like how the packaging is detailed? There is a tear rip area to rip open the mask but I had trouble ripping it what a fail. :( The mask is EXTREMELY slippery and wet. I had a hard time unraveling the mask! I left the mask on for about 20 minutes and the mask was still drenched and wet. The scent wasn`t really relaxing or soothing and stung my face a little but that`s probably because I have sensitive skin. Afterwards, I felt my face more fresher and smoother.. as for pore size I guess it`s a tad smaller? Not like my pores are massive so I didn`t see a huge significance but maybe over time? Would I repurchase? I`m not sure since you can`t tell after one use? But I would probably want a mask that cleans my skin, blackheads and whitens then minimize pores.
Have you ever tried this mask before? What did you think of it? Any recommendations? Photos via Mine | Don`t take without permission | Thank you
Carolyn Quach for sending this to me in the giveaway package I won from her! beauty

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