Windows Phone 7.8 is visually equal to the WP version 8

Certainly all current Windows Phone users were disappointed with the announcement of the new version of mobile operating system - after all, their devices do not support the upgrade. But that does not mean the end of the news.

Microsoft has revealed that almost all current devices would receive the update for Windows Phone 7.8, a version higher than 7.5 but not as good as the WP 8. And deep inside is exactly like the company says nearly all the news of the new version will be available for older users. Only support for NFC technologies and devices with support for multi-core processors are not part of WP 7.8, faults that do not bother at all users, for both mobile phones from LG, Samsung and even Nokia does not have these characteristics in their devices. The leaders of U.S. multinational had already said that the differences were only significant at the level of hardware support, and gradually this scenario is confirmed.

Ben Rudolph, an evangelist of Windows Phone, released a video which shows that the graphic design of the new Windows Phone 8 will also be available in version 7.8. The news is most of all the possible downsizing of the tiles of the main screen, in your custom color-and more likely to have live tiles.

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