Windows 8 or iPad 2?

4 years ago

Ok, so my birthday and Christmas are in the same month, and my parents have decided to get me a gift. Firstly they decided that I get a notebook (no, not the ones that are full of paper, the actually laptops). Then I showed them a windows 8 notebook that I really liked, however they said that they might get me an iPad 2 instead since it is around the same price (if we bought it from Canada anyway, we have relatives there, and everything in the UK is about double the price of things in Canada). But anyway, I have to decide now which one to have, and its a really tough decision. I have never had a tablet before, but I have used my friend`s iPad, and that was pretty cool. But then again, my laptop is not very much up to scratch, so I don`t know if I should upgrade or get something that I can use anywhere (kind of, anyway). So that`s why I made this post. To read the words of you Luuuxers out there.

What do you think?
Which would you go for?
Why would you go for it?

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