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So i am really suprised that everybody are so obsessed about one, little girl. Ok, maby not that very little but 11 years old is still not the much. I am talking about Willow Smith. She is so young and so famous. I feel little sorry for her because she doesn`t know how normal life looks like. She is singer now and live in fame, always with paparazzies. And of course her parents are mega famous so it`s not the easy life.
So, this photo was taken when she was talking on the phone and walking to the hotel on Tuesday, May 19 in Miami. I think that she met with her mother - Jada Pinkett-Smith because they spend the whole afternoon together.
This time Willow was wearing pretty normal outfits, it`s nothing unique and controversial like always. Just little, normal girl. She was wearing black top with metallica print, black trousers and motor, black bots. She also had blue ombre or galaxy jumper, it`s hard to say more about it. Ans she also had a crossbody, blue bag which doesn`t fit to the rest, rock outfit i think.
For me she looks really good. I hate that people start talking "ohh look at her skinny legs, she definitely has got anorexia". Ohhh 11 years old and anorexia ? Yeah it`s possible but... I think that she looks healthy and nice :)
What do you think ?

*picture is not my*
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