Will You Jump on the Bagel Head Trend?

4 years ago

I rarely every post in Health & Beauty but when I saw this on Yahoo News I was just shocked! So National Geographic recently highlighted this new trend of Body Modification which is aptly called the Bagel Head.

Saline is injected into the forehead which caused you`re head to swell. And the middle of the swelling is pushed down so that it looks like a bagel. I prefer donut, but I guess bagel is more elegant sounding??? This is a trend in Tokyo which is known for some pretty weird stuff. In the Yahoo article it talks about the dangers of this kind of body modification. SO DON`T JUMP IN ON THIS TREND JUST YET!

If the wrong kind of saline is used you can experience a kind of dehydration similar to drinking salt water. If the saline sample is contaminated, you risk infection. Lastly, those who do it too often may found their foreheads a little too elastic, causing the bagel to become something less of a bagel over time? Maybe a croissant??? LOL

Talk the TALK
1) What do you think of the bagel head trend? You in???
2) Have you ever had any body modification done? a Tiger`s tail perhaps? =)

Source link: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/becoming-bagel-head-dangerous-photo-225730742.html

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