Will Nastia Liukin Complete her Comeback for the 2012 Olympics?

Women`s gymnastics is one of the most grueling, competitive sports in our world today. One of the main reasons for this is the peak age of these athletes is about 16-18 years old. Needless to say, it`s crazy intense. Now, after winning olympic gold in Beijing in 2008, Nastia Liukin wants to go to London in 2012. Crazy? Oh yeah. She was 18 for the 2008 games, so now she`s 22 trying to get back in the game, and more than likely out of shape after being out of training for so long. Two questions come up with her new goal: Is it fair for a previous olympic competitor to return to the games again? and Can she do it? Personally, I think it`s perfectly fine for her to compete again if the US needs her and she`s able to help us win. As far as the possibility that she can handle the games at 22 though? I have no doubt, Nastia Liukin is superwoman in my book. Leave some comments with your opinions on Nastia`s comeback!

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