Will Ferrell Throws Ball at Cheerleader!

2 years ago

You may wonder why Will Ferrell would throw a basketball at a cheerleader during last night`s Laker game. The whole video can be seen on my source link but the picture shows how Will Ferrell throwing a basketball at a cheerleader and knocking her down to the ground. Will was given the ball to attempt a half court shot but instead, he aimed at a cheerleader. Luckily for those who are concerned about the cheerleader, she is okay because she is just a stuntwomen and the whole act was for a scene in Will`s upcoming movie.

Would you have been concerned if you saw this live or would you have known this was all a stunt?


Source link: http://www.torontosun.com/2015/01/22/watch-will-ferrell-throw-a-basketball-at-a-cheerleaders-face

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