Wild alaskan salmon, simply grilled

4 years ago

this past semester, i took a class about water and its value to life. one day, we talked about fishing and the huge impacts mankind is making on the fish population. we are eating fish way faster than the rates at which they can naturally replenish. as a result, we`ve had to start "farming" fish so that we can continue to eat at the rate we`re eating.

there is a never ending list of reasons why farmed fish is worse for you than wild fish. two of the biggest reasons i can remember from the top of my head:
- farmed fish are kept pent up in a small area where they defecate on one another. germs and bacteria grow where they are. they are pumped up with antibiotics to survive this.
- farmed fish are actually fed ground up farmed fish... they`re forced to cannibalize other fish.

basically, farmed fish is bad. after that particular lecture, i`m a little more weary whenever i eat and buy fish.

i know that we all wish we can have the good stuff (wild caught, from alaska, etc.), but simply put this stuff isn`t cheap! my dad got this salmon in a pretty big pack from costco (i`m not sure of the weight) and it cost over $35. he didn`t cook it all at once and it`ll last a while, but nevertheless it`s still expensive.

one thing you should be aware of about farmed salmon is that it`s not naturally that vivid salmon color. they add artificial coloring to make it look healthier.

my dad cooked this on our grill and then we seasoned it after the fact. i`m probably going to try and find a few recipes that i can try so all this good salmon won`t go to waste.

are you careful of the fish that you buy?

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