Wii was meant for me that`s why i got it for free on luuux!=)

5 years ago

Today probably has to be one of the best days of my entire life!Other than that i was kind of lazy to work today since it was Monday...i just hate those days when we have to wake up so early work! work! work!So the day when super fast and i loved it ,i wish it was like that all the time,but it`s not =(.When i got home there was this box in my house and it was pretty huge!i immediately knew it was the luuux prize and i wasn`t wrong.I just started screaming of happiness!My mom thought it was a bomb and she was all scared and i`m like WTH! how could it be a bomb ! you know moms always want to protect you....So if you want to know how my order went here it is!

02/16/2012 Order created
02/22/2012 Processing
02/23/2012 Completed

It was delivered today which is 2/27/2012
I also want to thank A. Leung she was the one who was checking all my post, and if i followed the rules which is a Yes!,and thanks to the other moderators!

This game is so awesome for anybody it doesn`t matter if your old,young it`s so much fun!I started playing quickly and i stopped playing like in an hour.The Mario game was so fun ,but very hard,i didn`t even pass the first time .=) Hopefully i get better at it.

OOOh and by the way Never use Tumbler,flicker, Photobucket,polyvore ,weheartit,and especially GOOGLE!!if you don`t use those i promise, you will get your price!

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