Wii U material cost 180$

According to sources Forget The Box, the materials for the production of the Wii in total cost U $ 180.

Of this amount, about $ 50 goes to the production of tablet-shaped controller console. Apparently the cameras included in the command does not cost more than $ 6 and are of better quality than those that come with 3DS. As for the touch screen, the estimated cost of production is around $ 14.

With this cost of production, it is expected that the console is not released to the market at a price higher than $ 300. However, the $ 180 does not include other costs such as research and development, transportation, marketing and other costs that are included when it launches a console to market.

Apparently, Nintendo wanted to reduce the price of the hardware to maximize profit by choosing a GPU and CPU economic but are aware of the performance of the current consoles.

"Nintendo got a bargain on the price of the GPU and CPU custom Wii U. There is a greater focus on additional content, applications, videos, digital distribution and services to create ongoing income. Investors will be ecstatic at the news," said one sources.

Source link: http://www.rewtec.com/t4476-rumor-materiais-da-wii-u-custam-180

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