Wii U launch titles

A list of those who seem to be a launch title for Wii U was posted by GoNintendo.

The list is supposed to be from the internal system of Blockbuster stores in the UK which shows a list of 25 titles for the new Nintendo console.

Some of the titles are still to be announced. Below is the full list.
- Just Dance 4
- From Outer Space Killer Freaks
- Marvel Super Heroes
- Metro Last Light
- Party Monsters
- New Super Mario Brothers Mii
- Ninja Gaiden 3
- Pikmin
- Rabbids Party Land
- Raving Rabbids
- Rayman Legends
- Shield Pose
- Splinter Cell 6
- Sports Connection
- Tekken
- Your Shape 2013
- Zombie
- Aliens: Colonial Marines
- Assassin`s Creed
- Batman Arkham City
- Darksiders II
- Dirt 3
- Formula 1 All Stars
- Game Party
- Ghost Recon Online

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