Wii isn`t a console, it`s a toy

The Beamdog, who created a version of MDK2 for WiiWare, Nintendo`s console described as a toy in a conversation with Gamasutra. Trent Oster, founder, described this way because the console has a level of compliance by the person buying extremely low, only saying that is bought to play Wii Sports. This came in connection with the bad experience that had Beamdog with Nintendo to launch its digital service in MDK2. Oster said it took nine months to get the game finally received approval from Nintendo. Another downside is that pointed to the WiiWare have to sell 6,000 units to start profiting. "We would like to receive some money from the title, since it is the best version of MDK2 on any console, but have not seen anything," said Oster. Oster also points to a problem the 40MB limit imposed by Nintendo, which has prevented some games being released for WiiWare, as was the case for Super Meat Boy Due to this negative experience with Nintendo, Beamdog is not interested in developing for Wii and U have excluded the possibility of launching the Enhanced Edition of Baldur`s Gate to the platform.

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