Wife Carrying Is A Sport! Watch The Video!

4 years ago

Yes! The title explains it all! Wife carrying was all joke in Finland, but it didn`t stop from there. So called Atlanta, Georgia had an Olympic Games going on and one of them would be a Redneck game.

Basically there are several different types of carrying your partner can do. Some are called piggyback ride, firemen`s carry their wife over their shoulder, the Estonian style where the wife hands upside down with her legs wrapped around the husband`s shoulders while holding into his waist. Lol

In Sonkajärvi, Finland sometimes hold competitions there. There are also competitions taken place in these two states Michigan and Wisconsin.

Here are some of the rules:

the measurement for the length of the actually track are 253.5 meters.

there are three parts of the obstacles. two dry and one water obstacle where it is one meter deep.

the female appointment can be your own wife, your neighbor or someone you found further afield. the female must be 18 years or older.

your wife, neighbor or someone one you found must be at least 108 pounds. if she weight less than the max then a backpack of some weights will be attached to her.

all participants are to have fun, enjoy the race.

---- To read more of the rules please check out the source link.

The couples who completes the course with the least amount of time will be crown World Championships! Everybody deserves a second win so the couples who were the most entertaining, beat costume and the strongest carrier will be awarded with a special prize.

This is by far the funniest thing ever! I wouldn`t participate, but heck I would pay to go watch these people do this contest! Haha! It`s a great workout though because running through a wet obstacle and carrying your partner. Smh. Props to you! Lol

1. Would you participate in this contest with your boyfriend?
2. Would you rather win the title or the second prize? :D

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