Wibble Wobble Jellies In The Shower..?

5 years ago

Lush shower jellies have always been one of the more `fun` and unique things from Lush, They are just shower gel in a jelly like form. There are two shower jellies in the regular line and they normally bring one out at christmas but today im just going to be talking about the two from the regular line. You can freeze, chill or just use these at room temprture. The jelly part is all made with Seaweed so they are good for your skin too! To use the jellies you just pull a piece off and rub it into a loofah to create loads of bubbles!

Whooosh; This jelly is the blue one and has a `wake me up` kind of scent, It has Lemon, Grapefruit and Lime so its a very citrus. I bought this one for my boyfriend because i didnt think he would like the other scent and i was correct he doesnt! this one is the less girly one in the collection but that doesnt mean it has a masculine scent at all because it doesnt. Lush say its good for adjusting to different time zones and that it perks you up and makes you feel part of the human race again.

Sweetie Pie; This one is on the completely different end of the scent scale from Whooosh. It smells just like sweets, Jelly beans in fact. Its purple in colour and has glitter running threw out it but they dont stick to the skin, Lush say it smells just like The Comforter Bubble Bar but i think its simular in scent but Sweetie Pie smells more like pure fruity sweets and The Comforter smells like sweet berrys. This must be one of my favorite smells from Lush, i just cant help but smell it everytime i go in there!

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