Why Your Hair Won`t GROW!

6 years ago

So I have pretty long hair , I recently cut it but it`s getting back to the length it was which is mid-back, I always hear people say wow i wish my hair was long but it just doesn`t grow! THAT`S NOT TRUE.

Hair grows at the same rate, for everyone! The only thing that can speed it up is genetics , so even if your race is a race that typically has long hair if your genetics don`t show long hair you could have shorter hair.

So I know you`re probably thinking, well why doesn`t everyone have long hair if it all grows the same?

The reason- Hair breakage.

Hair grows at the same rate but if one person has very strong healthy hair and doesn`t use heat products on their hair and one styles their hair with heat everyday or very often. The one using lots of heat will experience thinning of the hair.

When you use heat for so long to press the hair flat, it starts turning that way- flat and thin and more prone to breakage.

If you think you`re hair is not growing...

- stop using or reduce the amount of heat on your hair.
also don`t do unnecessary chemical treatments, relaxers and straightening treatments chemically straighten hair using only a liquid which is very damaging.

-start pampering your hair.
use deep conditioners and don`t wash your hair more than you need to, that causes your hair to dry out.

- never double process.
if you have a chemical straightening system in your hair don`t dye your hair.

- trim the split ends
once you do this , you DONT have to do it very often if your growing your hair unless you continue to use heat , which will make split ends reappear , your hair CANNOT grow with split ends because they just go up the hair shaft and cause the hair to break even more when it starts growing.
if you follow these and stop using heat and applying too much stress to your hair you can really see great results!

If you have no idea how to wear your hair without using heat , try braiding it , it hides frizzy hair and makes it look cute, also a good alternative esp. in the winter is wearing a beanie over the back of your head. you can use rollers and curl your hair at the end with no heat.

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