Why you want to protect your skin from the sun

5 years ago

OK, so I will start by telling you that the photo above is me, I am 28, and have the skin of a 15 year old. I studied esthetics (skin care) so that I could learn how to take care of my skin and help other`s do the same. The one most important thing I tell people who want to preserve their skin is to wear sunscreen. I know it;s annoying and greasy and you hate it, but the truth is, you need it, especially if you cannot afford microderm, laser, chemical peels, and all the other fancy things spas try to sell you to undo the damage you caused in your youth. Here are the two main reasons you want to use a good sunscreen.
1) Your skin contains two types of fibers: collagen and elastin. These fibers give your skin shape and elasticity. When you pull your skin out, it goes back to normal, right? Well at around age 25, these fibers start to deteriorate on their own, causing our skin to inevitably wrinkle. What most people don`t realize, though, is that it isn`t JUST age that breaks down these fibers, it is our lifestyle, too. UVA and UVB rays deteriorate elastin and collagen immensely, and the younger you are, the more intense the damage is, even though you won`t see the effects for years. If you are under 25, you know you are going to look good for awhile now, but don`t you want to stay looking great long after?
2) You will end up with sun spots. Liver spots, little red splotches, freckles, and angiomas all come from the sun. You may go in the sun now and return right back to your natural color after a week, now, but that doesn`t mean that the damage can`t show up later. When you see and old woman with splotches all over her skin, it is probably because she was one of those people who covered themselves in baby oil and reflected the sun off of tinfoil onto her face when she was your age. Don`t be this lady. Look beautiful well into your 50s!
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