Why you SHOULDN`T use Visine

I have had on and off issues with my eyes for the past year now. It started off by a tiny issue that escalated. I used to have a slight redness to my eyes, probably from sleep deprivation. Then I was introduced to an anti-redness drop. I soon fell in love with the bright white color it gave to my eyes. After using it for months I realized my eyes had become horribly worse. I went to an opthamologist and they informed me of what had happened.

Visine is not recommended by eye doctors because it contains chemicals that contrict your blood vessels, making it appear that your eyes are less red. Over time this chemical can cause rebound redness which is often worse than the eyes were before. Other drops that are great are systane and refresh tears. These simply add extra moisture to your eyes. These and the drops mentioned above are perfectly safe for continuous use as often as you like.

Using anti-redness drops have made my eyes sensitive to light, more susceptible to infection and prone to looking red more often. Please do NOT use these drops! If my eyes are looking red nowadays I just stick to drinking water with lemon to detox or simply just resting! If you have any questions with my experiences please ask!


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