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4 years ago

The shop recently opened and with it came new prices, new rules and different products. Now, this has been a let down for people because they were disappointed with the shop and how much the price raised and the amount of stuff that was removed/replaced, i was also to be honest.

So because of this i see a lot of people leaving or considering to leave luuux. Ultimately its the users choice to leave or not, but i would like to give you some "incentives" on why you should stick around luuux:

<li type=circle><strong>New and updated prizes. </strong></li>Some of the prizes in the previous shop were outdated(like the ipods) and now will have more updated gadgets. Besides, the shop is still introducing products as time goes and i think its worth to see what they will introduce more.

<li type=circle><strong>New ways to earn Luuux$. </strong></li>Luuux of course is aware about the big difference in the price of things, so they are introducing new ways to earn luuux$ and those really reward those who make good posts because they are based on content. Also, the reward is not something small -most of them are around 1000 L$.

<li type=circle><strong>Who probably already have some points in your account,</strong></li> so to close now and just ignore those points you did work hard for it would be a bit of waste in my opinion.

<li type=circle><strong>In luuux you always have an "audience".</strong></li> This is something that really was interesting and made me like luuux more, because if i started a blog on my own i wouldn`t know if people would actually read it. At least here on luuux i know that someone will read what i wrote.
But i guess this one doesn`t apply to all since some users do have their outside blogs with a good number followers.

So, in a time when a lot of people express their desire to leave luuux, i do plan on staying (even if less active than months ago) because i really enjoyed this website since discovered back in 2011 and i hope you reconsider and staying also.
If I still can`t convince you, it was great interacting with you here on Luuux!

<strong>Will you stay on Luuux?
Did you liked the new ways to earn Luuux?</strong>

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