Why you rate and don`t comment!!!!!!!?

4 years ago

Why you rate and don`t comment!?
The majority of people that do posts in LUUUX SITE have many of rates and no comments? Why it`s happen!?... When I go see my post I have a lot of rates and no comments or one or two comments this is not fair... If we do the post for the rest of people is for we can know what is they opinion about the subject.
You don`t like when you go see you post and you just have rates and no comments...
Come on people if you like see comments on your posts comment in the posts of the rest of people that participates in this site.
Comment it`s the most interesting in this site for we can exchange opinions with others.
I have posts with 8 or 10 rates and 0 comments... How can be this possible?
Really this situation keep me on nerves!!!!!
If you can get luuuxs you need work seriously.
If you don`t comment no one will comment on your posts.

This situation is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
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