Why you don`t ship to Poland luuuux ? : !!!!

Ok i am really pissed off today because of luuux !
It all started with luuux share links. I put them on my twitter and my friends and other people click on them and register. I thought that this is ok but...They said that NO and they will frozen my account if they do this again. So WTF ? I don`t really understand this, so why we have share links if we can`t share them ? Maby something is wrong with me but this sounds really stupid...

And another thing is luuux store ! They ships items from Europe and to Europe but they don`t ship anything to Poland ! We are in Europe and in EU so i am asking why ? I want to buy burberry scarf, lv or even ipod but actually i can`t buy anything.... They ships from Europa to USA but not to Poland in Europe ! That`s so mega stupid !

WTF is going on ?
I am very ill person, i spend my all days in home so it was my only fun in everyday but i see that i was saving up all my points for nothing !

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