Why Women Need Fat AKA Free Butter for Everyone

When approached to review Why Women Need Fat, I decided to consider it. Five minutes later, I accepted. Heres why: This book was pitched to me right before New Years. NEW YEARS. Yes I am indeed one of those who will really get healthy in the new year, among other things. Reading the pitch is what secured it though. So not only is this a healthy eating/lifestyle book, but in the pitch (& I directly quote) , Explaining why fat (both in our diet & in our body) is crucial to long-term health which really intrigued me.

"Why Women Need Fat" by Lassek & Gaulin, propped up by Gizmo whose aliases include Fatty, McFatterson, & Ow Ow Ow Get Off Me.

Okay, they talked about research & all that too, but mostly they told me what I needed to know. Who doesnt like fats? Butter on your pancakes? A drizzle of olive oil on your salad? Wheres the bad? Oh, right, on your hips. Well apparently, not according to the two doctors who wrote this book. They give you permission to eat butter along with other items touted as no-no foods.

Now that Ive explained why I accepted the book to review, lets dive into the nitty gritty. Although I like the scientific standpoint (LOTS of studies) I did conclude they were a bit excessive. Clearly written by two males to a female standpoint, this book definitely veered in different directions at times. Its clearly supposed to be geared toward women but sometimes I think they forgot that.

Although I think this particular section will be somewhat controversial to some readers, I actually rather enjoyed the Playmate references. I was very interested to learn when determining how attractive a womans body is that men look first to her midsection. Then they delve into Playmate ratios & such which I clearly found really interesting. Ive been really following the beauty industry & the photo shopping issues & I thought this meshed rather well with whats going on right now.

The third & final section is probably the one youre looking forward to most. As much as I liked the How & the Why we got fat, the how to fix it finally came. Part 3, the instructions on how to achieve a healthy weight naturally, was very interesting. From breaking stereotypes & myths to why normal dieting doesnt work, this section was especially helpful. I wish this section had been longer, but it definitely made me take a hard look at my refrigerator & pantry. If you take on this book, be prepared to alter your food choices or fear the wrath of your own knowledge.

Overall, although sometimes a bit studious for my average health book, this was a rather enjoyable read. When finishing a health book, the most important thing is what I take away from it. I love feeling as if Ive learned something I can put to use which makes this a successful read. Being entertained doesnt hurt either & is vital in helping me finish a book. Why there arent more vampires in health books to hold my interest Ill never know.

If you have read a book about healthy fats or Why Women Need Fat in particular, Id love to hear your take on it below! Its definitely a new way of looking at things right? Or rather, an old way? Feel free to join our book club discussion online & please do comment below if you have any questions!

This book was sent to me for sponsored review. This does NOT guarantee a positive or negative review, as always, my opinions are my own. These ramblings are mine & mine alone. Please see my disclosure policy for more details!

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