Why To Wear Fake Brands????

5 years ago

I honestly don`t get why people wear fake/inspired brands... I tihnk that the whole thinga botu wearign a Hermes Birkin bag is to actually be able to pay for it and wear it! I don`t think that a fake/inspired bag will bring any kind of satisfaction since everyone, (especially you), know that the bag is fake, it`s not a real one, it`s just one you got that is way cheaper than the original bag... so why to wear them?
I say the same about clothes, shoes... There`s a lot of quality, designer and brand clothes/bags/shoes, thata re stil affordable... I can`t afford the classic Channel handbag, but there`s cheaper option that I can afford, I still get the name and the quality...
the same about sunglasses, why does people wear sunnies who say "Rayban" when everyone knows that model is just fake :/
I see people worrying so much about their style and then they put on a fake bag and pretend it`s a real one :/ well that`s just my opinion!

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