Why to pick Cup Menstruelle?

Cup menstruelle is used in order to amass the fluid during the period. Today countless women from round the globe are switching over to cup from tampons and pads because the safety provided by them is very high. There are many reasons behind using the menstrual cups and a few of those are mentioned below:

The first reason why some women use the coupelle menstruelle is the cost. You will just have to invest a maximum amount of around $25 and it can used for almost an year. How great is that? Sanitation is very essential if you wish to use them round the year. You are definitely not spending a fortune when you have to shell out $25 on a product that is reusable. On the other hand, you would spend thousand dollars in your lifetime on tampons and sanitary pads during the menstruation period.

Do you even have a count of the pads that are dumped on daily basis? On an average a woman makes use of a minimum of 18 sanitary napkins or tampons in a single menstrual cycle. By using the cup menstruelle during your periods, this environment can be saved easily.

There are some health benefits of using these cups and they are mentioned below These cups are not made up of any harmful substances unlike the pads and tampons. There are bleaching substances, artificial fragrances, absorbents, checmicals creating allergies or irritation present in tampons as well as pads. The coupe menstruelle is made of medical grade silicone that cannot be broken down or even absorbed in the body.

There are few cases of TSS found in women by making use of tampons; it is a very lethal infection but is rarely found. By making use of cups the chances of having this kind of problem does not exist as it does not absorb.

Another very essential benefit here is vaginal wellbeing. Upon removal, tampons can easily scratch and also leave tiny thread fragments inside your vagina. Sanitary pads can cause rashes. The natural pH balance of the vagina is disturbed in these cases. With the use of these menstruation cups the vaginal health is not compromised.

Not visiting chemists frequently:
Now with using the coupelle menstruelle, there is no need for you to make drug store trips every month. Once you have bought your set of cups you will not have to see the chemist for at least a year for the same reason.

There is no need for you to take midnight bathroom trips. You will also find no need to place a towel beneath while sleeping or using double pads at night. You can wear a cup all night long which is not the case with tampons or sanitary napkins. You can definitely sleep soundly for 8-12 hours.

There will be no more need of carrying extra pads or tampons in your handbag. Carrying such girly stuff in your purse is not a thing of the past. With the coupe menstruelle, your period worries are certainly no longer woes. You will not even have to think much about it while leaving your house for school or office. Also you will not even have to keep on making visits to the restroom to see whether it is time for the change. Thus all your worries will go in vain.

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