Why Men Need Funky Wallets

4 years ago

Lets face it. Wallets are plain and boring. Yes, theres not much that strikes the imagination on it because it looks so one dimensional. Women like it to have a lot of bling and maybe some kind of obnoxious color like pink or purple or maybe a mesh of all of those colors. There are certain wallets for guys that are pretty cool and are funky. Not only that, but that are long lasting as well. These are definitely not for women. Some popular examples of funky wallets for women are:
Hello Kitty Not sure when this fad came into existence, but for some reason the thought of an excited cat embossed on a wallet makes women giggle and makes them want to buy it. This isnt the type of wallet a guy would rightfully want as an accessory.
Zebra Stripes Believe it or not there are zebra striped leather wallets. Funky as it is, its still not cool to have for men. There is a strange fascination about zebra stripes that make women want to have one.
Shiny Things And there are wallets that are full of shiny things like fake diamonds and glitter. This type of look is popular amongst women, but it should be for guys. There are things some men should never be subjected to. Funky wallets can be fun to have. Both men and women are different in their tastes and what they like and dislike. For women, however, there are wallet types that just dont suit their fancy. For men, there are wallets that are both fun and, like Dr. Pepper 10, not for women.
The BMF Wallet Yeah, the BMF wallet is a popular one. You know what BMF stands for. If you dont, rent Pulp Fiction and fast forward to the end of the movie (unless you just want to watch the movie from beginning to end). You will instantly know this isnt a womens type of wallet. Many people actually have this wallet and rightfully so. Its fun and its a good size.
Wallet with a Bottle Opener Ever an opportunist you never know when youre going to need a bottle opener. The bottle opener almost serves two purposes: opener and conversation piece. Consider it the Swiss Army Knife of the wallet world.
The Card Holder A lot less obstructive in design than others, the card holder holds primarily your credit and debit cards. Historically women have more cards than men do so it wouldnt make sense for a woman to have one. Wallets do come in all sizes and shapes so there really isnt a loss of wallets to choose from. Women, if youre looking for a gift for a husband or boyfriend, a wallet isnt a bad way to go. Men will certainly appreciate the gesture, especially if its something as fun as a BMF wallet. The funny thing is men arent that picky about their wallets even though they should but they do want something that is going to last a long time, funky or not. Funky wallets should be long lasting. But theyre only long lasting if theyre leather. Leather is a highly coveted resource and has been for a long time. There is a reason early armor was made out of leather. It is the perfect fabric for any wallet. Considering how much pressure we put on a wallet each day, there needs to be something strong and able to withstand the torture. Leather, for all intents and purposes, is waterproof so when you accidentally leave your wallet in your pants and it goes for a wash its still okay. It is also tear proof. Your corduroy wallet of old experienced tears, rips, and plenty of abuse and it only lasted a short time. The abuse doesnt just stop there; our wallets go through a lot of torture each day. The constant using of it is enough to rip apart wallets of lesser fabric. Funky leather wallets are the way to go. Guys will have a great time with their funky wallet. They can show it off, use it, or just have fun with it. Every male needs a wallet so its only fitting that they get something that matches their personality. Wallets are meant to be fun, not just plain and drab. You cant go wrong with any of the funky male wallets, but be sure it is what you want. Youll have a great time with it, guaranteed.
Author Bio: Susan Lane is a wallet salesman for a major online retailer and his favorite is http://www.badmotherfuckerwallet.org/. It looks good and it is long lasting so people can enjoy their wallet in more depth.

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