Why Luuux? Why? :(

4 years ago

Hi there fellow luuuxers,

I know I have been absent from luuux for months, but I was planning to make a come back this year.

I had so many exciting posts to share with you but I was so busy with work and school.

Then I got an email from luuux today saying the shop was re- opened. I got so happy and excited only to be terribly and horribly disappointed!!!

We all were hoping for improvements to the site and shop and instead we got heavily overpriced items and most of the items we were saving up for have been removed!

I could not believe the prices! It is totally unfair.

While I am thankful for this site for the 3 prizes I received and the luuux friends I have made, I am very disappointed that they have made this change.

Many new luuuxers joined last year thinking they were getting a prize and instead the shop was down. Now with this change, no one is near to getting a prize! You tricked us into blogging for months, without a reward near in sight.
I feel sorry for those new luuuxers because they don`t know how great this site was before and how great it felt to receive a luuux prize.

I don`t see myself blogging on this site anymore. I hope to open a new blog soon. I really enjoy the great makeup looks, reviews and recommendations, fashion posts etc. and I will miss it!

I hope to keep in touch with my luuux friends!
If you have your own blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, email, private msg me or comment here.

I would love to keep up with your posts!

Feel free to add me here:
Instagram: sweetanila26
Youtube: sweetanila26


DISCLAIMER: Photo belongs to me!

Are you staying on luuux?

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