Why I`ve been M.I.A. for some time....

4 years ago

Hello my lovely readers!

So for those of you who follow my blog and enjoy reading my posts, you may be wondering why I`ve been on hiatus for exactly 2 months. Well, I`ve had a lot going on...

The first was that I was working overnight at my job for a bit and that started taking a toll on me. There were some other issues that happened too but I don`t really feel like going into the specifics of it so let`s just say that there was a lot going on and I needed to get out of there before things got worse (which they did after I left) and healthwise I just couldn`t do the overnight shift any longer.

Second, I finally (officially) tied the knot on 12-12-12 to the man that I`ve been with for almost ten years and the father to our adorable and very smart 2 year old daughter. I figured since that was the last time there would be a year that coincides with the month, that was the perfect time to get married. We didn`t have a big wedding as I`ve dreamed but there isn`t any reason why we can`t do it later! The important thing was that we finally became husband and wife and I now share the same last name with my little family.

Finally......I`m pregnant with my second child! I`m about 16 weeks along now and I`m feeling great. Actually, this pregnancy feels a lot different than my first pregnancy. With my daughter I was sick a lot throughout the first trimester and it eased up by the time I got to my second trimester. However, with this pregnancy I haven`t been sick at all. I`ve just been feeling really tired and get spurts of energy where I start cleaning like a beast lol. I`ve also been extremely moody so any little thing sets me off and I turn into Godzilla hahahaha. Having a toddler is definitely a plus because she keeps me active and awake so I`m not sleeping the whole day away. Hopefully next month we get to find out what we`re having. I hope it`s a boy, but either way what we really want is a happy and healthy baby.

Well, that`s about it! If any of you are mommies (and have more than one child) please share below your experience with subsequent pregnancies. I`d really love to hear your stories and theories of what the gender of my baby could be =)

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