Why is Football The King of Sports?

4 years ago

People know that football attracts people from all over the world, and at the moment is the most popular sport, without doubt, although there are exceptions, for example United States, where American Football is the King of Sports, but some people says that is Baseball, Basketball, and others. But even football, or soccer is in America, and has even huge supporters. If it wasn`t so popular in America they wouldn`t pay huge contracts to ex-stars players.
Well, but I was trying to understand the reason for football being the king of the sports, and I found some quite good reasons. In football rules are easier to understand, you don`t need to be tall or strong as in some sports. When you`re a child you always like to kick something, more often a ball^^
And finally media they did their job advertising all the time football.
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Source link: http://www.publituris.pt/2012/03/22/turismo-desportivo-sef-e-set-nao-respondem-a-impasses/soccer-player-dribbling-between-defend

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