Why I`m over Gossip Magazines!

First off Congrats Jen! Ive always been a fan of hers & think she is gorgeous, fit & a fun actress. However, this post is not about her, just an example of why I have no tolerance for tabloids anymore.

A few months ago I remember waiting in line at CVS & saw the cover of Star Magazine & broke out laughing; hysterically laughing to the point everyone was staring at me. The cover read something along the lines that Angie moved out & was leaving Brad because he was flirting with Jennifer Lawrence. The woman ahead of me of course had the magazine in her hand & gave me an earful on how Star only publishes facts & yada, yada, yada

Fast forward 5 months; Im at Shoprite with the boy, food shopping for the week, start to giggle & sure enough there was a woman behind us who gave me some looks, especially when she picked up the magazine & I started to giggle some more. Oh well! I was born with no filter ;)

Are these people serious?!?! They release this cover about Jennifer & a few days later Jennifer announces her engagement. SMH! I hope they made a public apology or a donation to one of her charities something!

I used to LOVE to read tabloids, I found them so entertaining, but they all have the same stories. The same people are always featured; think B, C, D list celebrities give out info for some spotlight, its just sad. I do like to buy OK! Magazine when Im traveling, but its always the UK version, other than that I try to stay far away from them.
My guilty pleasure = TMZ. My boy & I watch it every night while we eat dinner. They rarely talk about rumors, and are more based on facts & interviews.

IDK, maybe Im just old & dont care for fake gossip anymore, or that I feel bad for the celebrities being ripped apart they just dont do it for me anymore.

Do you like to read Star Magazine? What about other tabloids?
Whats your guilty pleasure?

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