Why I Will Never Buy Sony Ericsson Again

This company is ridiculous. My first phone ever was the Sony Ericsson w350a, which is just a tiny little thing with a flimsy plastic flap that flips down to get to the keyboard. The flap breaks almost instantly. It was NOT made for durability whatsoever. My current phone is also a Sony Ericsson, the Xperia X10. The company stopped making updated software for the phone because it decided it wanted to focus on its other products. Mind you, this product is full of bug after bug, so not having a software update available to fix it really made me angry. The customer service is awful as well! They were incredibly unhelpful and inefficient. Even worse is how sensitive the touch screen is! If I get out of the shower, dry off, and put on pajamas, even when I`m dry, the touch screen freaks out because of the trace amount of moisture on my hands. I`m not kidding, sometimes breathing too close to the screen makes the keyboard do crazy things. So, goodbye Sony Ericsson. I`ll be upgrading this week to Apple. In the words of Taylor Swift, we are never ever ever getting back together.

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