Why I Hate MAC Computers

4 years ago

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So some of you may have noticed that I post I hate MAC computers in some of the MAC computer posts here in the technology section and that they are terrible computers. Well a few days ago I got a message asking me why exactly I hate them. Well I guess I`ll make a post about WHY I hate them.

Ok in January of 2009 I got a late Christmas present from one of my uncles who lives in St. Louis. A Macbook Pro. He had gotten two of them for Christmas, one form his wife and the other from a buddy of his from work. Rather than sell one of them he decided to send the one he got from his buddy to me since he had heard I had recently graduated from college with a Degree in Digital Effects and Animation Technology. Anyway when I received it, I immediately opened it up... only to find that the screen had a large diagonal crack along the screen from top left to bottom right. Needless to say I was disappointed. A couple of days later my dad an I took it to the nearest Apple Store to get it exchanged. They told me that the 1st one seemed to have been broken at the assembly plant in China. I figured that accidents happen and I really don`t blame Apple/Mac for that one. Got the new one back and it worked just fine... for 2 days, then it went dead. Took that one back to the Apple store, and after looking it over they had discovered that the Power plug in the computer had been fried. I had been running on the laptop on battery the entire time until it died 2 days later. Exchanged that one for a new one again. This one did work just fine; no broken screen, and no bad power plug... but then froze a week later. I got that annoying rainbow wheel of death and it just got stuck that way. I turned it off and then turned it back on, but nothing happened. It would turn on and run, but nothing booted up or anything. I once again took it back to the Apple store and they determined that the OS had completely crashed and killed the mother board and RAM. So once again I got a 4th Macbook and took it home. This one never worked properly from day one. I`d use it for an hour or more and it would just freeze and stop working. I`d reset it, work on it for an hour and it would just keep freezing after an hour or so. I took this one back to the Apple store and told them just to keep it. I wasn`t going to get another Mac computer ever again. I was just so frustrated and mad at how the Macbook just completely and utterly failed in my view that I never want to use another one ever again.

The other reason why I hate Macs is because back when I was in my community college, the 1st year I got to the film/editing classes, the film editing class next door had gotten 20 brand spanking new Apple`s Mac Pros at $2,500 a piece. Within the 1st year 5 of them had failed. Some had their OS to quit working while others Apple never got back with the college to tell them what the problems were. In the next 3 years I was there 10 more failed and had to be replaced. From what I heard from my editing teacher after I graduated was that 3 more failed the following year and the school just got fed up with them and bought all new PCs with Windows on them becasue the Macs were nothing but money pits. Ironically the only Mac computer to work in that room was a small iMac that has been there 2 years prior to me coming to that school.

So now you all know why I hate Mac computers and refuse to use them ever again. I STRONGLY recommend if you`re trying to get a Macbook or other kind of Mac computer to not waist your luuux or money on. They are nothing but trouble!
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