Why I Hate Baseball

4 years ago

For me baseball is a awful and boring game, and it`s the sport with more ways to demean you. Imagine that you`re a bat, you can swing the ball, or if you miss, you give for the other team a strike, but sometimes is not a strike, confusing I know xD ^^ If you hit the ball you must run as far as possible, but many persons start screaming at you, and you can hesitate, and you lost the possibility of going to base, and then you`re OUT, with the exception of foul balls. If you get 3 strikes you`re instantly out. If you forget to leave the bat you`re OUT too xD Between many others rules of the game, I think this is a humiliating and frustrating game.
There`re other things that I hate about this game, the season is really too long, which can become really boring.

Do you like or hate baseball?
Do you agree with me?
Have you ever seen a full baseball game?

Source link: http://www.ranker.com/list/top-50-current-best-baseball-players/jtsimone

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