Why I Dislike Apple

4 years ago

I can`t say I`ve always disliked Apple, this time last year, I still liked Apple quite a bit. That was when I knew nothing- nothing about computers or technology or money. But now I can say that I hate Apple. It is not the fact that the products suck, because they don`t. Let`s take the iPods for example, they are nice little portable devices that you can store music, videos, pictures and games on. And how about the Macs, stylish computers with nice pre- installed programmes. But the thing that annoys me is the pricing. They are highly overpriced, an iMac costs around £1500. You can get much better Windows computers for that price that are more elegant and impressive. The thing about `Macs never get viruses` is a myth. You can`t believe what Apple say, they are a very evil company (which I will explain). All computers need virus protection and it is a fact that 7/10 Macs get viruses, and hackers are targeting Apple computers now because they are easy to send Malware and Trojans and the owners of Macs usually aren`t very good with computers so they won`t know what to do.
My next point is the lack of creativeness left in Apple. When Apple were a younger company, they were full of ideas. Even around 5 years ago, they have fantastic ideas that nobody else had. But that`s changed very much. Apple haven`t released a new line of products in many years. All they do is slightly change the design (e.g. making the iPhone 5 slightly longer and lighter than the 4S and the iPad Mini being smaller than the iPad). Or they improve their `retina display` or update them to a newer version of iOS. This is something I hate. Even worse, they can`t get there software right before releasing the new products, like Apple Maps. That was a big fail that they should have changed before they released iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Many Apple users were angry as it gave wrong directions and the maps were very distorted, for example, the Eiffel Tower was flat and got cut off at the top.
Finally, this is why I hate them the most. Their team of developers. They are greedy, ignorant and think they are superior. They accuse all their rival companies of stealing their ideas, lets take Samsung, they sued them over $2 billion for having `the same sized applications as them`. The court are happy with these cases as they get more money.
Then the refuse to put Samsung`s apology (they shouldn`t have even apologised) on the homepage of their website, which was ordered by the court and pushed the court until they threatened to fine them. They should really throw some of their team to jail until they learn that they aren`t superior over the court. They simply can`t accept the fact that they are a rubbish company that will never make more sales than Samsung, Windows and other companies. I seriously think that every phone, tablet and computer company should form a `team` and fight against Apple, and teach them a lesson.
I hope you enjoyed this post, please comment what you think of this post and of Apple!

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