Why do people care?

4 years ago

Why did you click on this post? It was probably because of Ryan Gosling and his abs of wonder. We do not know him; we`ve only seen him in movies, the internet and tabloids. He`s everywhere, isn`t he? But it`s not just Ryan Gosling we hear about all the time. Countless celebrities and their lives flood media every single day, and we click on these links, their picture, their stories and why? Why do we care about these people we don`t even know?

I am victim to frequently visiting http://people.com to look at the daily pictures. I do it out of boredom and sometimes out of fantasizing that I could be going on those fancy yacht trips just like them. I guess for me I want to take a peak into the lives of celebrities every now and then because sometimes seeing them have what I perceive as fun gives me some sort of boost that keeps me productive when I don`t feel like doing work.

I don`t care for fame at all. I don`t envy celebrities. I don`t want to be them. But they`ve got the means to do the things I want to do in my lifetime. They`ve achieved some sort of success that has enabled them to spend freely. I`m not saying that money is important to me, but a prosperous and fulfilling life is, and to get there I do the shameful and read about the lives of celebrities just to give myself a little motivation so I can reach that goal.

So now that you know why I care sometimes, I want to know...

Why do you care?

Source link: http://ryanseacrest.com/2011/09/12/10-reasons-why-women-are-powerless-against-the-effects-of-ryan-gosling/

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