Why clean your makeup brushes

Everyone knows that you have to clean your makeup brushes because using dirty brushes just isn`t good for your skin and also your makeup just doesn`t look as good when you apply it with dirty brushes.

There are two main reasons to why you should clean your brushes:
- your make up looks better:
this is maybe the most obvious reason but believe me there are a lot of girls/women who don`t know this. I admit that when i first started out with makeup i didn`t clean my brushes either, just because i didn`t know that you were suppose to clean them.
Dirty brushes also contain residue of old makeup. this is going to muddy up your colors, when you use light and similar colors this will not happen as quickly but it will happen sooner or later.

- there are a lot of bacteria in dirty brushes:
Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. When you apply your makeup you pick up dead skin cells and everyone has bacteria in their skin even when it`s clean.
The more you use your dirty brushes the more skin cells will collect in the brushes.

So i guess everyone sees the importance of cleaning your brushes now. Clean brushes also reduce acne and makes the general health of your skin better.

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Source link: http://msquinnface.com/2013/05/why-you-should-be-washing-your-makeup-brushes/

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