Why can`t we all just love one another?

It makes me so sad when you look out into the world or flip on the TV, to see people judging and hating on each other. Why? Why must we hate Justin Beiber? Why must we judge Lindsey Lohan? Why must we hate that one girl at school because she *stole* your boyfriend? Sure, maybe some people in the media or at your school or work or anywhere aren`t that great of role models. But are we the ones to tell them that they aren`t? I thought in the Bible (Matthew 7:1-5) God tells us we aren`t to judge. I don`t know about you, but I would want to stand up for God`s word than to blend in with the crowd and ridicule. I`m not saying I`ve never judged anyone, because that would, of course be a lie. But, I try hard not to and know when I do, I think about how I would feel if some random girl was gossiping and judging me behind my back. It wouldn`t feel to hot. (: Embrace the words of our Father!

*Try not to judge anyone for one WHOLE day! See how great it feels to love one another with all your heart!

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