Why Buy Instagram for $1 Billion When You Can Download App For Free

5 years ago

<Strong>Mark Zuckerberg recently acquired the photo-sharing app Instagram for $1,000,000,000.</strong> There were only 13 employees behind Instagram, so I bet they are having fun splitting that cash. The CEO of Instagram is only 26 and he is estimated to net $400 million from the sale! Oh my.

<Strong>I would be surprised if you don`t know what Instagram is!</strong> A lot of people here on LUUUX actually use it to edit the pictures they upload for the posts. It`s a really nifty app and I myself am a huge fan of it. It is a free app that you can download from Apple`s app store. It allows you to upload, alter, and share your images on your smartphone. The reason Instagram has been so popular among the smartphone community is because the photo editing effects are surprisingly easy to use! And then they make your photos look so much more professionally done.

<Strong>However, I am concerned with this acquisition.</strong> I was never a fan of Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg because of all the privacy issues with Facebook. Seriously, what is up with that, Zuckerberg?! Now that Facebook has acquired Instagram I am a bit concerned that Instagram will now start logging all my personal information, too, and then bombarding me with disgustingly annoying advertisements from third party advertisers. Ugh. Knowing Zuckerberg, this is going to happen. I bet Instagram will now start saving every piece of information I put up on Instagram and then claim that after I delete my photos that information really is lost forever. I don`t believe it!

<strong>Some thought questions:</strong>
How do you feel about Zuckerberg buying Instagram?
Do you feel worried that Instagram will now be just as annoying as Facebook?

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2127531/Facebook-buys-Instagram-1bn-deal-founder-Kevin-Systrom-turned-job-Mark-Zuckerber

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