Why be a vegetarian?

4 years ago

Hey Guys,

Recently, I have had the experience of transferring schools. While switching has been incredible, lately I find myself being frequently asked the reasons behind why I chose to be a vegetarian.

Those who ask have no malicious reasoning behind their questioning, but it caused me to truly contemplate the reasons behind my decision. So after some thinking here`s five legitimate reasons to cut meat out of your diet.

1. Animal Cruelty- kind of obvious, but hey those animals your eating were killed, and most likely quite inhumanely.

2. Personal Health- As long as you supplement the protein you receive from meat, having a vegetarian lifestyle can help prevent certain cancers, along with heart complications.

3. Lifestyle - After cutting out meat, you find yourself eating a greater amount of fruits and vegetables, along with simply feeling lighter overall.

4. New Experiences- When you remove one thing from your diet, you open yourself to new recipes, along with a great opportunity to try new things.

5. Environment- While this isn`t quite as relevant to my life, it still should be addressed. Companies use up a great amount of fossil fuels while getting the meat to the supermarket, which is ultimately hurting the environment. And I like the environment.

Comments? Questions? Leave down below! Thanks for reading!

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