Why are pit bulls so feared?

Pitbulls are one of the most feared dogs on the planet! Why? What people don`t understand is that the dog does not train itself to become a killer. The owner is the biggest factor in how the dog turns out! I have grown up with 4 pitbulls and not once have they attacked anyone. When I walk my dog, people cross the street like he is some freak. I hate this. If you own a pitbull and you train it to fight, it is obviously going to fight. If you train it to be like a regular pet, hes not going to backfire and kill all mankind! Why is everyone so scared of them?! They are actually one of the most loyal, loving, and caring dogs to have. They are great with kids! I was born and was brought home to 2 pitbulls. I`m still here. They didn`t kill me. They were raised to lick you when you came and stay with you until the very end. I don`t have any idea why people are taking these poor dogs and ruining their reputation just so that they can earn money from dog fighting. It is stupid, heartless and cold. I just wish this breed of dog was given a chance before they were ripped to pieces and banned in some states all because one idiot came up with dog fighting. If you give them a chance, you will notice that they are one of the best dogs to own. I LOVE MY DOG TO DEATH! He has been there through everything and he is just plain awesome, no matter his breed. <3

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