Who Wore it Better? Sofia vs. Jennifer

4 years ago

photo from source link below.

Hello Luuuxers! So sorry i havent been on Luuux lately, but alot of school work has been tough, so i finally have a free day and i decided to do a whole day of luuuxing, yay! Haha, more posts will be up for this weekend though:)

Anyway, just posted 1 hour ago, haha, both of these lovely ladies, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Love-Hewitt were both spotted wearing the exact same dress designed by Victoria Beckham!
First off, i just want to say i really like the dress. It is totally chic and very city like, and i love that navy blue and white combo.
But who wore it better?
I actually think i have to go with Jennifer on this one. I personally do wish that she didnt wear the jacket when paparrazzis are taking her photo, but i really like the dress on her. It seems a bit shorter, making her seem taller, while Sofia looks very short! Also i love Jennifers nude peep-toe heels with the gold base at the bottoms, and i find the dress very plain, so it is great for casual wear, inside of a red carpet look!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo not mine

Source link: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-style/news/who-wore-it-best-sofia-vergara-or-jennifer-love-hewitt-2012105

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